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The Evolution of the Desktop


Computers in the future are awesome (we're looking at you, Iron Man and Minority Report), so why are desktops today so bland?

Win10 Widgets launches your desktop into the future; taking it from a collection of files and folders to a place where you can find all the information you need, when you need it. Weather, WiFi, battery, music, and more; all available at a glance.

What is Rainmeter?

Win10 Widgets runs using an open source program called Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a lightweight application that allows your computer to display customizable widgets like Win10 Widgets. If you already have Rainmeter, you can download the Win10 Widgets .rmskin file here. If you don't have Rainmeter, you can get Win10 Widgets and Rainmeter bundled in one easy-to-install package here.

Make sure to check out the official Rainmeter website for links to documentation, the forums, and other Rainmeter related help.

Widgets that Adapt to You

Win10 Widgets blends into the background and makes the information you need the focus of your experience.


By starting from scratch and engineering each widget with an emphasis on functional simplicity, Win10 Widgets adapts to you instead of the other way around. Win10 Widgets works with any wallpaper, any screen size, and uses your unique Windows 10 accent color to adapt to the personalized experience you've already created.

Everything Just Works

Unlike widget suites before it, there are no programming skills required for Win10 Widgets; everything just works. Auto-location for weather, easily selectable hard drives, and a volume slider that behaves just like you'd expect.


Currently Win10 Widgets doesn't have an auto-update system in place. However, there are a ton of future updates, programming tutorials, and new widgets planned. What to do? Sign up here to stay up to date!

The Win10 Widgets privacy policy is simple: "No spam. No sharing your email. Ever. Period."

Current widget selection (more to come!)

Contact and Support

Having trouble with Win10 Widgets? Check out this YouTube Playlist. Found a bug or want a feature? Check out the Issue Tracker. For everything else, send an email to


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